Stefan (1989) moved to Buenos Aires at an early age, where he was inspired by the blend of European chic and Latin sensualness. After studying photography in Argentina he returned to the Netherlands to study International Relations. He now dedicates himself to explore human emotions on canvas and sell desire.

`I understand the power of beauty, and through human psychology I have found a way to apply it. I am heavily influenced by Carl Jung and the idea of the collective unconsciousness. I use photography as a medium to paint with archetypes: universal truths about the human condition. These truths, in turn, help us to explain why we act the way we act. Just as photography helps me to create a sense of reality, it helps those who are exposed to my work to connect on a deeper level with themselves.`

Gerard`s work is inspired by Renaissance`s greatest painters, who were able to tell a story on a - single - canvas. His collections are celebrated for its moody, cinematic aesthetic.